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Jennifer G. Robinson, MD, MPH

Program Director

Raul D Santos, MD, MSc, PhD

Preventing Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

The IAS recognizes that system-level improvements are needed in the prevention of ASCVD in patients with diabetes and that progress in CVD risk factor control is slowing. Based on US data, only 14% of patients meet targets for all A1C, BP, lipids, and nonsmoking status. 33-49% of patients still do not meet one or several targets for A1C, blood pressure, or lipids. This problem is exacerbated globally as even fewer meet these targets in many low-and middle-income countries.

The purpose of this video series are to provide a better understanding of the evidence-based management of the diabetic patient to reduce ASCVD risk with focused discussion on statins and newer diabetes drugs.

Each section is introducted by general lecture of the clinical prevalence and evidence. The panel will discuss the real world implications and provide practical implemtation advice.

Pre-activity information

NAFLD/NASH and ASCVD Connection: Final Messages

Patient Identification and Risk Stratification

ASCVD and NAFLD/NASH: the Background of the Connection

Part 4: Round table with the experts: Where do we stand in our battle against the ravages of diabetes?

Parte 4, Mesa redonda com os especialistas – Onde estamos em nossa batalha contra os danos do diabetes?

Parte 3, Sessão B – Opções terapêuticas para prevenção de doenças cardiovasculares

Parte 3, Sessão A – Uma hierarquia de abordagens de tratamento com base na gravidade para o paciente DM2 com DCVA

Parte 2 – Combatendo a aterosclerose: avaliando o risco CV para o paciente com DM2

Parte 1 – A história na batalha da insulina e glucagon

Part 3 – Session B: Therapeutic options for prevention of cardiovascular disease

Part 3 – Session A: A Hierarchy of Treatment Approaches based on Severity for the T2DM Patient with ASCVD

Part 2: Combating Atherosclerosis: Assessing CV Patient Risk for the T2DM Patient

Part 1: The History in the Battle of Insulin and Glucagon

Modera resumen de los mensajes claves de las conferencias – Maria Cristina Izar (Brasil)

Discusión Foro 4 – Panelist Roopa Mehta (Mexico)

Nuevas terapias para la HF grave – Paola Varleta (Chile)

Eficacia y seguridad de Lomitapida en HF homocigota – Dirk Blom (SudAfrica)

Inhibidores PCSK9 en la HF grave – Maria Cristina Izar (Brasil)

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