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Program Director

Khalid Al Rasadi, MD

Program Director

Raul D Santos, MD, MSc, PhD

2020 Middle East Summit on Residual Cardiovascular Risk

Cardiovascular diseases remain the #1 cause of death and disability globally and are on the rise in developing regions of the world. Despite advances in the control of the classic risk factors like lowering LDL-Cholesterol and efforts to manage contributing disease factors such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension, patient risk for developing ASCVD can still remain high. This course was designed to educate on the complete examination and clinical approaches to the treatment of residual risk (RR) factors that may persist and ultimately continue to drive the patient’s potential for cardiovascular events.

The IAS is pleased to present thirteen (13) recordings from the live accredited sessions presented at the 2020 Middle East Residual Risk Cardiovascular Summit held in Dubai on February 21-22, 2020. This comprehensive educational event was designed for medical professionals in the clinical setting.

The IAS is very grateful to Biologix FzCo for supporting the 2020 Middle East Residual Risk Cardiovascular Summit through an unrestricted educational grant. We also thank all the speakers and participants for sharing their experience and for helping IAS to develop this global faculty of experts featured in the presentations.

Pre-activity information

Vídeo 3: Farmacoterapias para obesidade e prevenção de DCV

Video 3: Pharmacotherapies for Obesity and CVD Prevention

Vídeo 2: Obesidade e Lesão em Órgãos-Alvo

Video 2: Obesity and Target Organ Damage

Vídeo 1: Epidemiologia da Obesidade e Doença Cardiovascular

Video 1: Epidemiology and Pathophysiology of Obesity and CVD

SESSÃO DE ABERTURA: Manejo da Obesidade – A Perspectiva do Paciente e do Provedor

Video 1: Epidemiology and pathophysiology of obesity and CVD

Part 4: Round table with the experts: Where do we stand in our battle against the ravages of diabetes?

Part 3 – Session B: Therapeutic options for prevention of cardiovascular disease

Part 3 – Session A: A Hierarchy of Treatment Approaches based on Severity for the T2DM Patient with ASCVD

Part 2: Combating Atherosclerosis: Assessing CV Patient Risk for the T2DM Patient

Part 1: The History in the Battle of Insulin and Glucagon

Parte 4, Mesa redonda com os especialistas – Onde estamos em nossa batalha contra os danos do diabetes?

Parte 3, Sessão B – Opções terapêuticas para prevenção de doenças cardiovasculares

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