Robert Hegele


Rob Hegele is a clinician who has treated patients with lipid disorders for more than 30 years.  His research lab has studied the genetic basis of dyslipidemia for just as long.  He has pioneered the use of diagnostic next- generation DNA sequencing in the clinic and has made many original discoveries on the genetics of rare dyslipidemias and also the polygenic basis of these conditions.  He has received numerous awards for his research.  He has participated in many national and international guideline panels, in clinical trials, and has supervised many graduate students and medical trainees.

Dr. Hegele declares sources of funding and relationships with the following commercial stakeholders in the healthcare sector:  consulting fees from Acasti;  Aegerion;  Akcea/Ionis;  Amgen;  Arrowhead;  HLS Therapeutics;  Novartis;  Pfizer;  Regeneron;  Sanofi.